Free Homeschooling Materials for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Level

Education as many would say is the greatest possession man can have. It can never be stolen. Receiving good education should be the aim of every individual. With that said, parents should try their best to provide their children with the best education possible in order to bring out their child full potential.

Parent’s Role In Homeschooling Education

Parents are responsible to choose the most appropriate teaching methodology for their children. Their decision contributes a lot with the proper foundation of intellectual, social, emotional and skills, spiritual and skills development of their child. That is why, parents opt to homeschool their children in an accredited homeschool education program to monitor their children’s progress effectively.

Most definitely, parents have a big role in homeschooling. They are their child’s first educators or teachers. In the early years of a child, the most suitable homeschooling curriculum should include activities that would little by little introduce a child into the wonders of his immediate world and imagination. As a matter of fact, raising a toddler or preschooler at home, you may not be aware, but that’s how homeschooling starts. So, it is fair to say that education truly begins at home.

Homeschooling Education Resources

In homeschooling education, there are many homeschooling materials or education resources available including pre-planned curriculums, outlines of courses, science experiments and homeschooling programs or handbooks for beginners. Homeschooling programs ranges from a kindergarten or preschooler through senior year. That is how extensive homeschooling education really is.

Christian HomeSchooling

When homeschooling education is just starting, the people who actually pioneered homeschooling curriculum are the Christian families. They facilitated promoting christian homeschooling education resources.

Homeschooling Programs and Curriculum

One of the largest companies that provide homeschoolers with the best homeschooling materials is Rainbow Resource center. The best publishers of homeschooling education programs are the following: ABeka Book, Apologia Educational Ministries, Bob Jones University, Press Cam rose, Classical Academy Christian, Liberty Academy School System

ABeka Book, Apologia Educational Ministries, Bob Jones University, Press Cam rose, Classical Academy Christian, Liberty Academy School System.

The curriculum that is included for Pre-School are language, thinking skills, English alphabetical, science, mathematical reasoning beginning, coloring, construction with building blocks. Reading lessons, language and arts, math, geography, science, thinking skills are the usual subjects included in a kindergarten’s homeschool curriculum.

As for Junior High School and High School, their curriculum includes subjects like Bible, Science, Math, History, Language Arts, Reading and Geography

For years, homeschooling education is proven effective. Nevertheless, for a homeschooling education to be successful, parents and immediate guardians should aid their child and make sure he is ready. It is best to understand that the expectations of a child entering kindergarten is different compared to a high school homeschooler.

Kindergarten should remain to be a fun learning environment. Homeschooling programs for kindergarten are designed to assist children to learn things in a less structured approach like the formal surroundings seen in many private and public schools.


To wrap up, Homeschool curriculum and educational resources are indeed plentiful. Understandably, it can be very overwhelming to choose from a variety of homeschooling materials and educational resources. Awareness of your child’s learning needs is important in order to choose the most suitable homeschool programs.

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